POTD: Chicharrones’ .22 Magnum All Purpose Carbine (with Unique Trapdoor)

    Fred Johnson (aka chicharrones on Rimfire Central) sent us photo of his  “.22 Magnum All Purpose Carbine” be build by modifying a Zastava bolt action rifle. I live the concept and the execution. Fred writes …

    Here’s a creation I came up with in early 2015. I modified a Zastava bolt action rimfire rifle chambered in .22 WMR. At the time, I had a specific desire to have a “survival/truck” carbine that was short, yet still shootable by an adult.


    The original rifle was 41″ long and had a 22″ barrel. I cut and crowned the barrel back to 16.25″ and I shortened the length of pull to 13.5″ by trimming the buttstock. The rifle is now 34.25″ long.

    I also made a “trapdoor” buttplate, inspired by the Savage 24C. Each hole holds 6 rounds of .22 WMR ammo, for a total 18 rounds in the buttstock.


    I installed a new Marbles front ramp/sight and a Williams receiver mounted aperture. On the pre-existing rear sight base, I mounted a modified piece of Weaver rail to mount the Bushnell TRS-25.

    The doubled up and modified ammo butt cuff holds two to three spare 5-round magazines. With three full magazines and the buttstock full of ammo, the carbine has 33 rounds of ammo ready to go.

    It shoots as well as it did before the modifications with the only limitation being the use of an unmagnified red dot. However, the red dot works very well with a 6 o’clock hold on target and of course it is much more visible in low light compared to the aperture sight.

    It was a fun project.

    Thanks for sharing!