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Most of you probably own knives along with your guns, and many most likely own quite an assortment of knives, not just one or two. If you don’t, well, maybe it’s past time you did. Either way, this new knife may interest you. It’s being made by Hogue according to SIG Sauer’s requests, and it’s called the SIG Sauer EX-02.

The SIG Sauer EX-02 is a folding knife, but not just any folding knife. It was designed to be specifically paired with SIG Sauer’s 1911 Emperor Scorpion, although of course it will appeal to anyone looking for a well-made knife. It has a spear-point blade that measures 3.75″ long and is made from 154 CM steel. The blade has a flat dark earth-colored coating that helps it resist corrosion and dings and can be opened one-handed thanks to a flipper tab. The handle is all black and features Hogue’s popular piranha-grip scales as well as the SIG logo.

SIG Sauer Executive Director, GMM, Jeff Creamer, had this to say about the new knife: “Hogue’s quality materials and manufacturing, coupled with the innovative, purpose-driven designs of renowned bladesmith Allen Elishewitz, are a natural match for SIG SAUER.”

Well-made knives are always nice to have handy and I admit to owning more than just a few myself. After all, not only do you want to have knives handy at home, in your truck, and in your pack, you also need the right knife in your pocket or boot at all times. Finding the right knife for personal carry can be a bit of a challenge, and I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly game to keep looking for the perfect knife for daily carry.

The new SIG Sauer EX-02 is listed as having an MSRP of $205.00 and can be viewed and ordered online at

Visit Hogue’s site for a look at all their knives at

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  • John huscio John huscio on Nov 18, 2015

    Looks better built than the dime store knives HK stamps their name on......

  • That guy That guy on Nov 19, 2015

    154CM? Uh no thanks on the cheap carbon steel which rusts faster than practically every other popular blade steel on the planet.

    • DW DW on Nov 19, 2015

      @That guy Uhh, re-google 154cm please. It isn't "Cheap" "Carbon steel"
      It isn't the best available now but it sure aint 5Cr13mov or 1095