New 1911 From Turnbull

    Turnbull Restoration and Manufacturing Co., the founder of which, Doug Turnbull, was recently Man of the Year by Bullet Magazine, has announced a new 1911 Commander Heritage Pistol. The new gun will be a part of the company’s BBQ line and will, of course, be chambered in .45 ACP.

    The new pistol is designed as a classic 1911 and will feature a blued slide, nitre blued parts, and Turnbull’s unique color case hardening. Doug Turnbull is well known for the process.

    Founder Doug Turnbull had this to say of the new 1911: “”The 1911 is genuinely the most beloved and known pistol design in the world. “Over the years, we have worked to improve the inner workings while maintaining the look and feel of the classic original. The 1911 Commander Heritage does just that. I am proud to put my name on this pistol.”

    Specs of the new gun include a 4.25″ barrel, an 8″ long overall frame, and an unloaded weight of 34.5 ounces. Also included are walnut grips with double deep diamond checkering and Novak 3-dot sights. Sights can be customized as can serial numbers, and each gun will be stamped with Turnbull’s logo.

    As with all Turnbull firearms, all components are made in the U.S.A. and assembly also takes place in the U.S.A. The gun will be officially unveiled at SHOT Show 2016 and carries an MSRP of $2850.

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