PSA: Choose Competent Firearm Instructors

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Recently some of my firearm instructor friends have been sharing this group’s information as an example of what not to do. The group is called Voda Consulting and some of their methods of teaching are irresponsible and dangerous.

In the video below, he is instructing his clients to pull a gun and point it into someone’s chest and “blow them away” because they are going to rob them.

Lets set aside how that is not good advice and just focus on the fact that they are both holding real guns and pointing it at each other. The instructor points his gun into the student’s chest. When questioned about this and why not use blue guns, Voda consulting responded that they “do not play with toys and that they shoot people not just poke holes in paper.”

Here is a promotional video of the instructor demonstrating his so called “skill”. Not sure why he is wearing an elevation mask. It would make more sense if he was wearing a mask to filter out the lead in the air. Also the excess search and assess is a bit much.

There are a lot of firearm instructors out there and a lot of information. You should look into their credentials. If they break the firearm safety rules on purpose, you should question their teachings. There are many resources to find good instructors. The NRA has a website just for NRA Instructors and you can find NRA Certified instructors.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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