POTD: Exploded Bullet Sculpture

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Tony Faulkner posted his creation in a local firearm group on Facebook. It is an exploded representation of a bullet’s components. This one is made from a Winchester 30-06.

Hey all. I’m selling some hand made ammo displays featuring Winchester 30-06 cartridges that are expanded out to show all the different components that make up a common cartridge.

They are made from real cartridges, but the primers have been deactivated and are completely safe, so there is no way they can ignite or be reassembled. The gunpowder is real, but it is a solid wad and cannot be used.

They are perfect gifts for anyone interested in firearms, the military, or hunting. They would also make perfect teaching aids to show how ammunition works.

I originally made them for use my forensic lab and courtroom testimony, but people liked them so much I figured I would try selling them on etsy. However, I found out that its very difficult to ship gunpowder in the mail. So here I am. Any questions, requests, or anything, just send me a message.

I’m asking $35.00
And I hope it’s cool that I posted this here. Without the ability to ship these things, I’m kind of looking for other avenues to sell these cool little displays. And as a page for Firearms training I thought it was relevant to see how cartridges work.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Aurek Besh Aurek Besh on Nov 12, 2015

    I would consider looking in a hobby shop for model railroad supplies to look for inert powder lookalikes. Imitation coal, gravel, or ballast is sold in bulk jars and can be found in multiple colors and textures.

  • Cymond Cymond on Nov 12, 2015

    The price has gone up, but he has an Etsy account. I'm guessing that a flood of traffic from TFB might have motivated him to overcome the shipping challenges.