POTD:1911 Stock (On Ebay)

    I stumbled across this eBay auction for a 1911 stock when I was looking for a LWRC folding grip.

    Below is a screenshot of the auction.

    1911 stock ebay


    Notice anything lacking in the description? The seller only says it will fit a 45 cal pistol. Well that is rather vague. 1911 stock ebay description

    From the photo of the item, I can see two sheets of metal. They are shaped like 1911 grips but with a Nike style swoosh attached to the bottom of them. The two sheets of metal appear to be welded to a metal collar where an AR buffer tube has been screwed on.

    Zero mention of the fact that installing this would be a felony unless you have a NFA Tax Stamp for your 45 cal pistol.


    I photoshopped a 1911 onto the grip, just to see how absurd it would look like. I do not have the highest confidence in the welds if the metal grips can be sandwiched between the 1911 frame and grip panels.

    1911 with ebay stock