RPGs With Forgotten Weapons…Because They're Awesome!

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by TFB Staffer

RPGs. Who hasn’t considered getting their hands on one just once – once! – and unloading on something, be it a building, vehicle, or some other inanimate object. The appeal is certainly there, and although it cannot be considered forgotten, the RPG-7 recently found its way onto Forgotten Weapons’ YouTube channel.

The RPG-7 was designed in 1961 in the Soviet Union and is, of course, a shoulder-mounted, unguided rocket propelled grenade launcher. It’s a pretty straightforward weapon – simply aim at your intended target, and let ‘er rip – and the results tend to be quite satisfactory, which is probably which RPGs have remained popular for more than half a century now.

A few RPG-7 specs: it weighs in around 15 pounds and measures just over three feet in length. It as an approximate range of 1000 yards and covers that distance at a rate of about 115 meters per second. This is one cool weapon, and it isn’t often any of us get to handle one in person, so it’s understandable that Ian over at Forgotten Weapons jumped at the opportunity.

Best line of the video? Probably when Ian suggests you don’t stand behind the RPG while it’s being fired. Seems safe to say if you do it once you’d certainly never do it again…

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  • Mikial Mikial on Oct 17, 2015

    When I was doing private security convoy escort work in Iraq, we always carried at least one RPG with us on missions, if for no other reason to detonate IEDs. Once, when on a return from escorting a convoy of sensitive items going from the US military to Iraqi security forces up hear the Syrian border, we came upon a spot where a US Army patrol had stopped traffic because they had spotted an IED made from several arty rounds on the road ahead. This was in 2004 and the terrorists weren't especially sophisticated about the way they emplaced them back then.

    They were shooting at it with w Ma-Duce trying to either detonate it or at least break it up so they could pass. We offered them the RPG, and since for some unknown reason, they had no LAWs along, they took it and blasted the IED enough that it was no longer a threat. They were a little surprised we had it, but didn't seem to care where we got it, and it all ended well as we all went about our business. They had to wait for their EOD team to arrive, but we got home before dark. Always a good thing.

  • Eric Blatter Eric Blatter on Oct 18, 2015

    I've fired the LAW and the AT4. The RPG has nothing better than fancy sights and it's reloadable. Big deal. I don't believe it is anymore accurate.