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In the quest for the ultimate hunting gear you come across all manner of items, but none have promised the kind of comfort this new jacket from Radians does, because it’s heated. Yes, you read that right: heated. Now when you’re sitting in a blind and snow starts to fall you won’t be relying on just your layering technique and personal body heat to survive the chill waiting for the buck of your dreams to stroll on by, you can have the ultimate in hunting clothing technology.

The new line of jackets is part of DEWALT’s hunted heating jackets and currently comes in two versions, each of which is available in True Timber camo. Radians credits their smart technology with the creation of these jackets which are powered by DEWALT’s 12V Max or 20V Max Lithium Ion batteries. Not only does the jacket have the power to keep you warm, the left inner chest flap has a USB routing port so you can charge your cell phone. How’s that for comfort and convenience during a hunt?

These jackets are available in camo or blaze camo and feature a water-resistant outer shell, seven pockets, and a removable hood. They can also be purchased with or without the battery pack because the company believes a large number of potential customers already have DEWALT battery packs for their power tools, meaning they won’t necessarily need a separate one for the heated jackets.

Who doesn’t want to be warm in their blind or tree stand this winter?

MSRP for the camo version with a battery pack is $499 while MSRP without is $419. The blaze camo version MSRP with a battery pack is $399 while MSRP without is $219. Visit the company’s website at www.radians.com or go straight to the jacket at http://www.radians.com/radsite/index.php/retail/dewalt/heated-gear/item/dewalt-dchj062-heated-true-timber-htc-camo-jacket

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  • Don Ward Don Ward on Sep 21, 2015

    Five hundred bucks. Great for getting covered in deer blood and mud when packing your kill out.

  • RICH RICH on Sep 22, 2015

    Sorry Kaite but we don't need these in S.W. Florida. How about some 'COOLING JACKETS'..... that would be sweet ! ! !
    Keep up the great articles......