Kids in 3Gun

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

At the 2015 FNH USA 3Gun Championship I got the pleasure of meeting and watching the Realuyo brothers, Nicholas and Alexander shoot stage 3. The photo above was taken by Becky Yackley. You can see the two brothers and their father Al Realuyo. If I recall correctly I believe Nicholas said he is 12 years old. He is rocking an AR15, 20ga semi auto shotgun and a 2011 racegun. I find it humorous when adults come into a gun store looking to buy their pre-teen child their first gun and they choose a cricket or Savage Rascal single shot rimfire. Of course not every child is mature enough to operate semi automatic centerfire firearms safely let alone be responsible enough to compete with them. It comes down to proper parenting and Al Realuyo is doing a great job.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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