Hyperdouraku Custom Gun Contest

    Hyperdouraku is an Airsoft Gun review blog. They have a custom gun contest and some of the entries are pretty cool. Now before we get into Airsoft is not Firearms, we do talk about airguns on occasion. So set that aside and appreciate some of the cool and ridiculous builds the Japanese have come up with. If you want to check out the entire list of entries, click this link.

    Here is one of the winners, a custom Luger. The crenelated front is a standoff piece used for pressing into bad guys for control/compliance. Typically if you try pressing the barrel/slide of a semi auto pistol into something the slide will move back and the pistol might not fire when needed, but with a stand off piece that type of malfunction is removed. I am most concerned about the RMR mounted to the toggle action. Every shot, the RMR will be flipped up and down. Not sure if it will hold zero like that. The creator should have made a frame mount to attach the RMR. Similar to the ALG defense Six Second mount or something along the lines of the mount I have on my STI Steelmaster. The addition of the Grip Force adapter and the front grip are interesting modifications. I am curious how that would feel and point as it looks to have changed the grip angle of the Luger.
    1 2


    I see you like grenade launchers so I added a launcher to your launcher.

    Grenade Launcher 2 Grenade Launcher


    The Japanese have a penchant for overly sized bladed guns. You see it in a lot of Anime. This erector set was added to a Glock 18C. If you look carefully you can see a Glock 18C hidden in there.

    Laser sword G18C 1 Laser sword G18C 2 Laser sword G18C 3


    This is an odd entry. The entrant modified a Nerf Recon blaster shell to fit around a Glock 18C. I suspect this is non-blowback electric pistol since there is not enough room for the slide to reciprocate.

    Nerf glock 1 Nerf glock 2 Nerf glock 3


    This AR creation actually looks feasible. Some may remember the Warfairy P-15 stock. This is similar in concept. The creator also added the front grip of a P90. I think this could actually work on a real AR15.P90 AR 2 P90 AR 3 P90 AR


    Remember the infamous Shovel AK? Well this guy took it a step further and added the shovel.

    Shovel Gun 3

    Shovel Gun 2

    Shovel Gun 1

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