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If you’re interested in new optics, Firefield has announced a new Close Combat series designed to be lightweight, durable, and, of course, used at closer ranges. The new optics are designed for short to medium-range shots made both during broad daylight and the dark of night. They have both green and red reticles, allowing for changes as needed.

Some models, like the Close Combat 1×28 Dot Sight and 1×22 Micro Dot Sight come with lasers as well. Other features of the Close Combat 1×28 Dot Sight include a cantilever design which allows for its use on an AR-15 upper receiver as well as its being used along with a magnifier. Both of Firefield’s 1×22 Micro Dot Sight models can be used with magnifiers as well, so long as you pick up a riser separately.

The Close Combat series optics have 5 MOA dot reticles, between 150 and 220 hours of battery life depending on use, and can be used on both weaver and picatinny mounts. Firefield is marketing them for everything from hunting to precision shooting.

Firefield was founded in 2009 and has the motto “Victory Justifies Everything” but when you visit their site, the first line of their “About Us” section might surprise you. It reads: “Let us make this plain – if you are a morally-deprived, violent individual who is interested in purchasing our products to do harm, please do not buy from us.” They go on to describe their dedication to this country and the importance of a life of honor, also detailing their desire to give shooters the ability to stand up in defense of what is right.

To take a look at Firefield’s products, visit their website at MSRP varies.

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