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Level IV Armor, and the Future of Small Arms: Brief Thoughts 001

With Level IV armor rising in availability, calls for “overmatch”, and the increased presence of urban warfare, will designers be able to meet the requirements for future small arms? Forumgoer Poliorcetes raised this question in a discussion at the Military [Read More…]

Use The Force, No Sight Shooting

My friend Jeff shared these pictures of someone he saw at a local range. The shooter is not function testing this rifle. He is actually trying to shoot for accuracy. A bit of a challenge when he does not have any sights on the AR. But he did tape a spare magazine to his [Read More…]

Review:Lights, Sights, Lasers Course Overview

Recently, myself and three friends attended a course taught by Wes Doss called Lights, Sights, and Lasers Tour in Wabash, Indiana. We’ve blogged about the course before on TFB but this will be an in depth review of the course materials covered and the courses of [Read More…]