HSM's New Varmint Blue Ammunition

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HSM – Hunting Shack Munitions, Inc. – was founded in 1968 with the original goal of supplying law enforcement agencies with ammunition both for range use and self-defense. Today they’ve grown substantially, producing more than half a million rounds on a daily basis for gun owners from all walks of life. HSM keeps law enforcement and federal agencies going while also catering to the commercial market, and as of a year ago they offered more than 120 calibers.

Now HSM is announcing a new round, Varmint Blue, which got its name thanks to its blue polymer tip. The first Varmint Blue round being sold is a 55 grain .223 Remington round, but the company says they’ll be coming out with other varmint-type calibers soon. They’re clean-burning rounds designed for consistent performance, and the common thread in advertisements seems to be their ability to shoot straight, every time, along with excellent expansion.

It’s always fun to see a new varmint round hit the market and it should be interesting to see just how these blue-tipped .223 Remington rounds perform. There are quite a few coyote callers out there who favor .223 Remington, and they’d undoubtedly like a chance to acquaint said coyotes with these particular projectiles.

What do you guys think? Do we need more varmint rounds, and, if so, what would it take to impress you?

Take a look at HSM’s website at www.thehuntingshack.com. MSRP not yet listed.

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