NSSF: How to Zero in 2 Shots

Nathan S
by Nathan S

While I would never zero a rifle without shooting a group, those with a supremely accurate system or low ammo budget would be keen to watch the NSSF video on zeroing your rifle in two shots.

The key is to hold the rifle at the point of aim and to then move the cross hairs to the first shot, rather than view the target and make the click adjustments. While field-expedient there are issues with this method, especially if the cross-hairs have a long way to travel on the grouping.

Personally, I would only use this method as the video implies, checking zero from one season to the next where there would be minimal movement.

Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • Torr10 Torr10 on Aug 08, 2015

    I've never understood trying to hunt something so far away I needed a scope. No matter how accurate your scope is if you don't practice your squeez'n & breathe'n you ain't gonna hit what you're shooting at. If you can't afford the ammo to practice you should get a gun that shoots cheaper ammo.

    • GunFun ZS GunFun ZS on Aug 10, 2015

      @torr10 Seeing more clearly is better at any range. This in no way detracts from the fundamentals of acquiring a target, controlling breathing and a smooth trigger break. Seeing better allows you to better identify your target, and choose a more precise point of aim. Also many of us need optics because our eyes aren't awesome. I can never understand folks like you who arrogantly insult everyone else who doesn't needlessly handicap themselves with iron sights.

  • Williemorris Williemorris on Aug 10, 2015

    great review)