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The NSSF reports that almost five million Americans have become first-time gun owners this year. NSSF Resource: Using Social Media Effectively In Times Of Crisis Firearm Background Checks Remain High As COVID-19 Pandemic Continues NSSF Report Reveals Firearms Accidents Have Reached and All-Time Low firearm sales by NSSF national shooting sports month project childsafe firearm sales by NSSF Shooting Sports NICS Checks Sands Expo SHOT Show Infographic

[SHOT 2018] An Off-The-Record Discussion with NSSF

There are a lot of cool new toys and gadgets every year at SHOT Show. But let’s not forget who organizes and sponsors this amazing gathering each year – the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). I stopped by the NSSF booth for an unofficial chat with [Read More…]

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NSSF: How to Zero in 2 Shots

While I would never zero a rifle without shooting a group, those with a supremely accurate system or low ammo budget would be keen to watch the NSSF video on zeroing your rifle in two shots. The key is to hold the rifle at the point of aim and to then move the cross [Read More…]