New 20-gauge Shotguns From Stevens

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by TFB Staffer

Just in time for hunting season Stevens is coming out with some new additions to their 320 line: 20-gauge pump shotguns. The new additions include four models in two field-grade and two security versions. The field-grade versions come in both standard and youth-size.

As with their 12-gauge counterparts, these 20-gauge models have dual slide bars, rotary bolts, and synthetic stocks. Each shotgun holds 5 rounds, plus one. The standard-size field shotgun has a 26″ vent rib barrel while the youth-size has a 22″ vent rib barrel. Security versions both have 18 1/2″ barrels with one model having a pistol grip while the other has a ghost ring and pistol grip.

Stevens is a subsidiary of Savage Arms, a company that was originally founded in 1894. Arthur Savage founded the company after a number of years and some rather interesting occurrences, and before long Savage began manufacturing everything from high-powered rifles to .22 rimfires. In 1920 they bought J. Stevens Arms and the rest is, as they say, firearms history.

Visit the company’s website at MSRP varies from $235 to $260.

Chief Lame Deer and his Savage rifle, circa 1919
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  • Jack Burton Jack Burton on Aug 05, 2015

    If they're made by Norinco like the 870 clones then the quality should
    be quite good. Just a matter of whether you prefer the 1300, Ithaca 37(Stevens 350) or 870.

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    • Wetcoaster Wetcoaster on Aug 06, 2015

      @Jack Burton It's interesting because I don't recall seeing any of Norinco's own products up here showing up in 20 GA. I'd love to see a 20 GA counterpart to the Grizzly MAG (870 action with box magazines)

  • Southerner Southerner on Aug 06, 2015

    This will make a great lightweight slug hunter and fun gun with superior sights and smoothbore for use with inexpensive 20 gauge rifled slugs. I hope Savage/Stevens will offer this ghost ring version with a conventional stock like the #19487 12 gauge version. Many hunters find the vertical pistol grip stocks awkward for field use.