Stevens Introduces NEW 555E Over/Under 16 Gauge Shotgun


    Spring is inching nearer everyday and that means trap and clay pigeon season is upon us. A lot of high-quality yet affordable over/under shotguns have been coming from Turkey in the Mediterranean lately and the Stevens 555 by Savage Arms would absolutely be included in that conversation. A step even higher in quality is their 555E (555 Enhanced) for slightly improved features and a much more impressive finish. Now the Stevens 555E can be purchased in 16 Gauge as well for those who are advocates of that less common round. Some of the specifications you can come to expect from the 555 Enhanced can be read below as presented by Stevens:

    • Chrome-Lined Carbon Steel Barrels
    • Turkish Walnut Stock
    • Lightweight Aluminum Receiver w/ Tang-Mounted Safety
    • Single Selective Mechanical Trigger
    • Manual Extractors
    • 5 Interchangeable Choke Tubes


    It is immediately apparent when looking at the NEW 555 Enhanced that a drastic jump in presentation has occurred with the gorgeous Turkish walnut stock and aluminum receiver. You also have cut checkering giving this shotgun the look of something that is well over $1,000 when in fact it is not. Stevens had this Press Release statement to share regarding the NEW 555E 16 Gauge that has just been announced:

    The field- and trap-tested platform is light and handles fast, thanks to a lightweight aluminum receiver that’s scaled to gauge and reinforced by a steel insert. It’s also loaded with features, including a stylish Turkish walnut stock and chrome-lined, 28-inch carbon steel barrels.


    According to Stevens and Savage Arms, these over/under shotguns are currently available and are being delivered to dealers at the time of this writing. Aside from the 555 Enhanced, there is a base model chambered for 16 Gauge as well. Both shotguns and their respective pricing can be read below as presented by Stevens:

    • 555 Enhanced 16 Gauge | 28” Barrel | SKU 22179 | MSRP $879
    • 555 16 Gauge | 28” Barrel | SKU 22178 | MSRP $705

    So how many of our readers in the audience are shotgun shooters? Do you enjoy getting out and shooting clay pigeons or fancy yourself an upland bird hunter? Is this a shotgun you would entertain adding to your flock? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.


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