Oklahoma Highway Patrol turns to SIG 320

by Miles

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol has selected the SIG Sauer P320 full size in 9mm as their new duty gun. I’m not sure what they had before, but from an overview of media pictures it appears that they formally had Glock 17s as standard issue with some officers with M&Ps probably personally bought. Either way, the Highway Patrol has joined a growing number of departments going with the Sig 320.

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NEWINGTON, N.H. (June 22, 2015) — SIG SAUER, Inc., has been selected by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to deliver more than 800 P320® Full-Size pistols in 9mm. An exhaustive test and evaluation found the P320 to meet or exceed the Highway Patrol’s expectations.

Over a two-week span, P320 pistols were evaluated by cadets and firearms instructors of the 63rd Academy class. After more than 78,000 rounds of assorted brands of ammunition, the P320 continued to perform “without any mechanical issues,” according to a letter from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

“All of us here at SIG are proud to have the Oklahoma Highway Patrol be the first state police agency to adopt the P320,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Vice President of Law Enforcement Sales for SIG SAUER, Inc. “The pistol’s safety, accuracy and reliability are what our law enforcement customers expect in a striker-fired pistol worthy of the SIG SAUER name.”

Designed with the input of law enforcement officers, the P320 offers enhanced ergonomics, a short, crisp trigger pull with a tactile reset and the ability to take down the pistol with no tools and without the need to press the trigger.

Instructors also found that inexperienced shooters saw a reduced learning curve with the P320 and they progressed more quickly through training. The ability to switch interchangable grip modules allows each officer to have a pistol that is fit to their hand, helping them more quickly find success on the range.

“We have observed the pistol to be accurate, reliable and operator friendly,” wrote Lt. Todd Fenimore of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “We are looking forward to the statewide pistol transition.

Most officers had the Glock 17.

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  • BDP BDP on Jul 07, 2015

    Issued duty pistols prior to the transition were the same as Texas DPS - Sig P226 DAK in .357 Sig. (OHP jumped onto the contract with Texas to reduce the cost of pistols. Looks like they're doing it again.) OHP has a liberal gun policy however, and most Troopers carry what they want.

  • Mark Wyrick Mark Wyrick on Jul 09, 2015

    Don't Know where this pic came from or how old it is, but I live in Oklahoma and have never seen a state trooper carrying a Glock. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol have carried Sigs since the 90's starting with the P-220 and have been carrying the 357 sig for the last few years. So it is no surprise on their new choice of a duty weapon. The main complaint on previous sig models was the DA/SA trigger from troopers that I know personally. I have heard nothing but good about the P-320 and will be shooting one at the range soon to see for myself what the hype is about. Who knows it may be my next firearm purchase.