POTD: EDC with DIY’d Glock, Rogers Holster & Smartwatch (with Fallout Theme)

    Cory sent us a great photo of his EDC gear. He wrote …

    Nothing beats the short grip height of a Glock 26/27 for EDC, but the G26/27 doesn’t have an accessory rail for a light. Pull out the hacksaw and woodburner and DIY! This is my G23 with TLR-3, Rogers Custom Kidex IWB, Samsung Gear Watch.

    The Smartwatch theme is based on the video game Fallout 4. For the first time in four years I might get back into video gaming now that Fallout 4 is being launched later this year. Fallout 3: New Vegas was one of my favorite gun games of all time, complete with a Virtual Reloading Bench allowing ammunition to be made or broken down into components.