Singapore Police Officer Disarmed and Shot With His Own Gun

    Last Saturday, a suspect was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle in Singapore. The 23 year old suspect complained about chest pain and was taken to the Hospital. There the suspect was placed in a room away from the public. There were two police officers, however when one went to submit information to the hospital, the suspect managed to subdue the other officer and take his side arm. The officer managed to regain control of the suspect and stopped his escape. During the scuffle, the suspect managed to fire three shots. The officer was shot in his left thumb and right foot. According to an article from Straitstimes, the suspect will be charged with unlawful discharge of firearms under the Arms Offences Act. A crime punishable by death.

    If you look at Singapore’s Arms Offences Act, just possession of an illegal arm, which includes imitations and air pistols is punishable by 5-10 years in prison and caning (bamboo) not less than 6 strokes.

    You can look at this Act in more detail here.

    The Straits Times spoke with current and former police about their policies for drawing a weapon.

    1. Most police officers are issued with a .38 inch caliber Taurus revolver. The revolver comes with a five-chambered cylinder, and a “speed loader” which allows the user to reload all chambers quickly at the same time.

    2. The revolver is housed in a tight moulded holster secured to the belt. Its design forces a user to draw the gun vertically, preventing the weapon from being snatched from behind the officer.

    3. The gun’s butt is also attached to the police officer’s belt by an elastic rubber lanyard, which makes it difficult for the gun to be removed completely without the police officer’s knowledge.

    4. Before drawing the gun, the officer must first disengage a buckle positioned over the cocking hammer. The buckle prevents accidental firing while the gun is holstered, as the gun cannot load if the cocking hammer is not pulled back.

    5. A strong and complete pull is needed to shoot successfully as a weak pull will merely cock the gun, but not fire the bullet.

    6. Police officers can shoot when an assailant is armed, with the danger, ability and opportunity to seriously harm or kill. Verbal warnings need to be given before firing.

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