Weekend Photo: Building a 1911 from Scratch (Work in Progress)

    1911Junkie wrote …

    Work in progress. I machined a frame from a raw casting and fitting the 6″ Caspian slide, in old-fashioned way (but with modern digital calipers and micrometers :).

    I really love this photo. Somehow it echos everything I love about this hobby. Until other sports and hobbies, we have the ability to build everything from scratch. I have never seen a tennis player make a modern tennis racket from scratch, a runner make shoes from scratch or a baseballer/footballer make a (safe) helmet from scratch.

    On a side note, if you want a decent caliper without paying iGaging Absolute Origin caliper. They cost around $40 but are very close to Mitutoyo calipers in terms of accuracy, resolution, build and features. I can’t recommend them enough.