POTD: A General Motors M16 Still in Military Service

    Bill spotted a M16A2 still in military service 40-55 years after it was made. He writes …

    I was working as a range safety this past drill weekend. The usual complement of Colts and FNs filed through and then this thing showed up, M16A2 with a 203… and made by GM?!? I had to do some research on the spot. Apparently, late 60’s/early 70’s production lower and still in service in 2015. Serial number in the 3,000,000’s, the 1 in A1 stamped over with a 2 and Auto crossed out and stamped with Burst… sigh. It must still be working well, the kid shot 37/40 with iron sights (better than I could do).

    Nice find Bill. I also was not aware General Motors was once in the lucrative military contract gun business!


    Steve Johnson

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