Weekend Photo: One Old Rifle, One New Rifle

    ProdigalSon wrote …

    The AR is a BCM upper on a PSA lower, with Magpul furniture. It’s my first build and I’m pretty happy with it. The sling on that gun is a Riflecraft RS-2, and for those of us who still shoot sling-supported, it’s great, if a little bit bulky. The idea is to keep it irons-only, hence the fixed DD rear.

    The bolt gun is an 1896 Swedish Mauser with all matching serial numbers. The receiver is stamped 1915, making the gun 100 years old this year (and five times older than I am). It’s wearing a reproduction US M1 sling, again for support shooting. The stock appears to be fiddleback walnut, although I can’t be sure (my knowledge of wood types is minimal).

    Of the two, the Mauser may be older, heavier, slower, and less ergonomic, but if I could only have one rifle, the choice would be, for me, obvious. The Swede is just so much fun to shoot; it will stay in the stable as long as the stable exists.

    Also, interesting to note is that since one is 1915 production, the other 2015, there’s exactly 100 years separating them.

    And 100 years later, the Mauser is still an excellent rifle!