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Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

SoloDallas sent us a photo of his historical tactical collection. He wrote …

Here we have a few of my blackpowder collection. This set includes (to the left) a gorgeous couple of Hawkins replicas made by the US Historical Society for the 1976 bicentenary of the declaration of independence. Supposedly, these were George Washington’s favourite flintlocks.

Being father of two my children and I are fans of Pirates of the Caribbean. The flintlock carbine in the photo was used in one or two of the first movies of the series. It is what is known as a “Indian replica”.

Also shown are two more replicas, one being a British Navy flintlock and the other a Harper Ferry’s Pedersoli replica.

Thanks Solo!

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dave C Dave C on May 15, 2015

    Cool collection. My "black rifle" is a Pedersoli Model 1841 "Mississippi/Yaeger" .58-cal. minié-launcher. So much quicker to load than my .50 patched round ball rifle!

  • Cymond Cymond on Jun 06, 2015

    I saw this at a flea market/curio shop in WV. It was hand made by a local, and not cheap. The NFA doesn't apply to blackpowder muzzle loaders.