Weekend Photo: Tavor come Rain or Shine

    Taylor sent us photo of his IWI Tavor with a Meopta MeoTac 1-4×22 RD scope. He writes …

    I consider the picture of the Tavor under heavy rain at the 500 yd range to be a personal favorite.

    The gun is a Tavor Black 18″, with a Midwest Industries XL Keymod Handguard, a Meopta MeoTac 1-4×22 RD, and either a Harris bipod or Magpul AFG2 depending on circumstances. A homemade trigger mod and a piece of duct tape round out the accessories. A very capable rifle which can yield reliable 8″ groups at 500 yards with M193 ammo. The internals have never been cleaned in 2400 rounds, and the exterior is seldom cleaned. No failures have occurred. Handloaded 60gr VMAX bullets make short work of Badgers, Wolves, and Mountain Lions. This gun was designed for the spotter of deer and elk hunts to use against the increasing number of fairly dangerous predators in our local area.

    The pictures were taken by myself in Humboldt County, Nevada (Birth State) and Omaha, Nebraska (Residence State)

    Meopta @ 4x

    Tavor by Safe

    Tavor at the Bullet Hole

    Thanks Taylor!