TriStar Expands Cobra Field Pump Shotgun Line

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TriStar’s Cobra Field Pump Shotgun has long been marketed to hunters, and with three barrel length choices and a 12-gauge chamber it’s certainly capable of delivering a clean kill (you bring shot placement). They also have a turkey option with a pistol grip, but until now all options came in 12 gauge. Many hunters actually prefer 20 gauge, including on their forays out for spring turkeys, the season that’s currently upon us, and TriStar is answering those requests by expanding their existing line. The Cobra Field Pump Shotgun will now be offered in 20 gauge and multiple colors including synthetic black, Muddy Girl, and a variety of Next Micro Print patterns. By expanding the line TriStar will be making it possible for fans of the Cobra to get it in more calibers, and that means more game options.

From TriStar:

TriStar’s Cobra Field Pump shotguns have a reputation for being incredibly fast and lethal when used to hunt waterfowl, upland birds and small game. Now, the Cobra Field Pump shotgun line has been expanded to include 20-gauge models in black synthetic, Muddy Girl camouflage and Next Micro Print patterns – making this the ultimate choice for those who want a 20-gauge with some bite.

The new 20-gauge Cobra Pump shotguns feature a full-length forearm that accommodates almost any sized shooter. The forearm has ribbed texturing that provides the shooter with a sure-grip, ensuring a quick, sharp stroke with each pump.

Each shotgun is equipped with fiber optic sight that makes it easy to locate and stay on target and comes standard with three chokes (Improved Cylinder, Modified or Full). The Cobra Field Pump shotgun line comes in three lightweight models that range from 5.4 to 6.9 pounds, with barrel lengths measuring 24 inches, 26 inches or 28 inches.

The 20-gauge version of the Cobra Pump shotgun will also come in a youth model. Each new model goes through an endurance test to assure the customer is getting a dependable gun at a reasonable price.

“Our Cobra pump shotgun lineup has been on the market for a few years, and has been extremely popular among consumers looking for a dependable pump at a good price” said Ryan Bader, vice president of TriStar Arms. “Adding the 20 gauge pump and including youth models was the next step for TriStar. We are always searching for ways to give our customers more options.”

Cobra Field Pump Model Features:
20-gauge or 12-gauge
Extended Ribbed Forearm for superior fit and feel
Fiber optic sight
Chrome-lined chamber and barrel
Swivel studs
Three extended Beretta® Mobile style choke tubes (IC, M, F)
MSRP for the Cobra Field Pump model ranges from $349-$489.

Visit the company’s site:

Take a look at the Cobra Field Pump Shotgun:

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  • JNZ JNZ on Apr 10, 2015

    I don't know who decided to gimp shotguns with pistol grips when you are hunting Turkey.

    There seems to be nothing about the prey that would benefit from using the wrong grip.

    • Steve Steve on Apr 11, 2015

      @JNZ Thanks, Papa Bear. Gonna tell us that sportsmen shouldn't have "AK15s" now? So glad that you know what's best for everyone else.