Next Gen Home Defense Light

    The people who came up with the “New Weapon Lighting System” have gone live. They have a website now.

    You can order their light system for your threaded handguard. They come in 4 different sizes: 0.75, 0.925, 0.936, and 1.050.The size is based on your barrel size. They range from $99.99 to $159.99 depending on what size you order and if you want the integrated red laser.

    The Weapon Light runs off a 3xAAA battery pack. And the battery housing is mounted on the bottom rail. From the video below it looks like he is using a ladder rail cover as his method of attaching the battery pack.

    They address the beam vs flood issue I had mentioned in my earlier article.

    At closer ranges, beam style lights only cover small areas, and also give off very minimal ambient light.  Plus, the narrow beam would need to be directly shined in to the subjects face to cause disabling temporary blindness.  Beam style lights can also take the user significantly longer to clear a room.  This is because of the smaller area the light covers at closer ranges.   Instead of a beam, our “End Cap Light System” is a compact flood light for your AR-15!  Turn it on, and see everything in a large room at the speed of light.  This system makes clearing large rooms quick, and easy when seconds count.  When turned on, our light also delivers a retina searing effect that can visually stun the intruder or suspect.

    Retina searing does not work well with flood lights because the light is diffused and not concentrated. One of the benefits to a light beam designed with throw. A good light balances throw (beam) and flood. A  hot spot is the tight pattern of light that is considered throw. The light is manipulated by a reflector to constrict the light into a tight grouping so it can be thrown down range. A decent reflector will also create a corona around the hot spot giving the user some amount of flood. Sort of like peripheral vision, the corona will illuminate object outside of the hot spot allowing for situational awareness.

    At the end of the video, he says “you would not have a bulky 8 oz flashlight on the side of your weapon” and while that is true it is not entirely accurate. A popular weapon light is the SureFire X300U. With 500 lumens it only weighs 4 oz and puts out a good shaped beam with 500 lumens. However this weapon light system is unique. The price is that of other weapon lights like the Inforce WMLs. You can find a SureFire X300U on sale on occasion around $150. Hopefully we will see some reviews from some people and see how well this weapon lighting system holds up.

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