New Weapon Lighting System

    That is the actual name for this product. New Weapon Lighting System is an integrated light built into a free float AR handguard. They also included an integrated red laser at the 12 o’clock position of the LED array.



    This reminds me of those cheap flashlights you find at an auto parts store.



    There is not a lot of information out about this weapon light system. No idea of cost or how the light array is powered. No information on how the light array is controlled. But according to their Facebook page, it is 500+ lumens. The problem with pure numbers like that can be misleading. It is like reporting horsepower on a car. 500 hp in a FWD Honda Civic is not the same as a 500 hp Corvette. Same with flashlights. Reflectors and bezel designs help shape and control that light. From my experience with LED lights, this array will be all flood and no throw. Meaning you will get a great big wall of light but it wont do much past 50 yards if even that far at all. Still it is an interesting product that hasn’t really been seen in the industry before.

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