Caldwell’s New AK-47 Mag Charger

    First there was the AR-15 mag charger from Caldwell, and now they’re releasing an AK-47 version. Just like the AR-15 version this new model is simple to operate and significantly speeds up mag-loading time. The charger holds fifty 7.62x39mm rounds which can be loaded into AK/AKM mags five at a time with each stroke of the plunger. Loading the charger is easy, too, simply leave the rounds in the plastic tray they come stored in within most 50-round boxes, line them up with the charger, and tip them in. They also offer a separate plastic box for storing rounds that’s compatible with the mag charger.


    From Caldwell:

    Caldwell brings the same revolutionizing ammo loading process of the AR-15 Mag Charger to the AK Platform. Introducing the NEW AK (7.62×39) Mag Charger! Designed to hold 50 rounds from any common 50 round ammo box. Simply align the bullet tips with holes in the Mag Charger and dump them in. Specially designed indexing tabs align all the rounds in the loader at the same time. No need to handle each round. Then insert your AK magazine into Mag Charger, operate the plunger back and forth and with each stroke 5 rounds are loaded until the magazine is full. Now you can load 50 rounds into 2 AK magazines in less than 15 Seconds! Highly durable polycarbonate construction, compatible with 7.62×39 ammo.

    • Load AK magazines in just seconds
    • Compatible with all AK platform mags
    • Instant transfer system from ammo box directly to Mag Charger
    • Accepts 50 rounds of 7.62 x 39 loaded ammo
    • Loads 5 rounds per “stroke” with auto advance
    • Durable polycarbonate construction

    Caldwell® Introduces Mag Charger Ammo Boxes

    Caldwell’s Mag Charger Ammo Box is optimized to drop ammo into the AR-15 and AK-47 Mag Chargers. The AR ammo box will hold 50 rounds of .223, 5.56 and .204. The AK ammo box will hold 50 rounds of 7.62×39. The durable polymer design is proven to be extremely tough and great for long term storage. The lid can easily be removed for use when loading. Available in 5 Pack.



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