1/2 Size .22LR Tommy Gun

    I was walking around the SHOT Show floor when something caught my eye, it was what looked to be a Chicago typewriter, a.k.a. a Tommy Gun. It was at the same booth as the company behind the DP-12 Double Barreled Pump Shotgun. There was something different about this Tommy Gun though, it was tiny. It was actually 1/2 the size of a real Thompson submachine gun and weighted in at 5.5 pounds (supposedly) with a 16.4″ barrel. That weight figure was from the flyer they had at the show, their website states 7.5 lbs however. It comes with a 10 round stick magazine but they also have an optional aluminum drum magazine available. They retail at a pricey $1,299.00, check out Standardmfgllc.com for more info on their version of the Tommy Gun. I’d love a full-size .22lr replica of an M1 Thompson one day, kind of like what ATI/GSG did with the .22LR MP40.

    Standard Manufacturing Company has teamed up with Thompson and designed a Tommy Gun that looks similar to the original. The walnut stock and grip are exquisitely finished, 16.4″ barrel with an over all length of 34.5″. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum to 1/2 size frame allows for hours of fun.

    Manufacturer: Standard Manufacturing Company
    Model: Thompson 1922
    Manufacturer Number: STDMFG
    Caliber: .22 LR
    Barrel Length: 16.4″
    Magazine: One 10 Round Stick Mag
    Semi Automatic
    Firearms only ship to licensed FFL holders

    High velocity .22LR ammunition is recommended with this Tommy Gun. The break in period of this Tommy Gun is 100 rounds.




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