Shooting the ATI .22LR MP40

    ATI showed up at the Blue August Gun and Outdoor Conference with one of their spiffy new .22LR MP40 clones. The first few thousand will ship in an Amish made wooden transit chest, which is just too cool:


    Now I know what you a thinking, and yes, you can pull the barrel and SBR it if you want. The fake can comes right off and barrel removal is easy:



    A real MP40 will cost you $14,000 and up (albeit you can find tube guns for $10,000 or so) but this gem will only run you $500.

    So how does it shoot?

    Well being as how .22LR is still hard to get ahold of, we all only got 15 rounds or so. That said I was happy to step up to the firing line:


    Also, our friend Chris gave it a go right after myself:


    All in all we hit what we were aiming at, but I was too excited to really focus and try to group the gun to the extent of my ability:


    The weight and feel of the gun is awesome, it is well constructed, and the folding stock mechanism is fantastic. The only complaint I have is that the trigger has a whole bunch of creep and then a mushy feel when you can tell the hammer is about to fly forward.

    That said, we look forward to doing a full review in the near future!


    Alex C.

    Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.