Winchester’s New .45 ACP Train & Defend Ammo

    45 ACP

    As I reported in November, Winchester Ammunition officially announced the new .45 ACP loadings in its Train & Defend line. The company had the ammo on hand during the 2015 Industry Day at the Range (formerly Media Day at the Range.)

    45 ACP

    The Train & Defend ammunition line has two loads per caliber: one loaded with a full metal jacket bullet for training purposes, and a second loaded with a hollow point bullet for self-defense. The loads are supposed to be equal in trajectory, recoil, etc.

    45 ACP

    Train & Defend was introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show, but Winchester did not include a .45 ACP load at that time. The new .45 load uses a 230 grain bullet (FMJ and JHP) rated at 850 fps. The photos on this page were the JHP rounds that the company fired and put on display.

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