Winchester Train and Defend Ammo

    Winchester W ammo

    Winchester announced a new line of ammo called “W Train & Defend.”  The ammo is designed to offer consumers a simple approach to handgun ammunition selection.

    The new line of ammo consists of four calibers and two options in each caliber: a training round and a self-defense round.  Both loads are supposed to be ballistically identical.  Initial caliber choices will be .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .38 Special.

    From Winchester:

    With the growing number of ammunition choices at the retail counter confronting the influx of first-time gun owners, Winchester Ammunition has created the new W Train & Defend™ brand which provides a straightforward process when choosing training and personal defense rounds.

    The W Train & Defend ammunition system is designed to provide threat-stopping power with less recoil to the shooter.  The system pairs its range-ready Train rounds with technology-driven Defend rounds, both designed to limit the recoil felt by the shooter. This system provides a perfect solution for new shooters, especially women, who are interested in training to become proficient with their personal defense ammunition.


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