New .45 ACP From Underwood Ammo and Lehigh Defense

    The .45 ACP will always have a place in the firearm world thanks to the 1911. Of course, it’s also a capable round, one underestimated by many of its naysayers. Now there’s a new .45 ACP option on the ammunition market from Underwood Ammo and it’s being added to the company’s popular Xtreme Defense line.

    Underwood Ammo made some changes to this round’s components with the goal of making it an above-average defense round. The bullet’s nose was modified for the purpose of reducing penetration – depending on the barrier – to a range of 15″ to 18″. The projectile still delivers almost 100% weight retention. In order to test the new round thoroughly the company put it through the FBI protocol, the results of which are shown in the chart below.

    Other features of this round include a permanent wound cavity Underwood Ammo lists as being 100% larger “than any other expanding bullet” on the market, reduced recoil, and cutting edges for superior barrier penetration.

    Specs, from Underwood and Lehigh:

    Cartridge:  45 ACP

    • Bullet weight (gr): 120
    • Box qty: 20
    • Velocity (fps): 1,350
    • OAL (in): 1.230
    • Penetration (in): 19.5
    • Wound cavity (in): 2.5


    The Xtreme Defender +P version is also available, loaded with flash suppressed powder to preserve the shooter’s night vision and with nickel-plated casings for improved feeding. According to Underwood, muzzle velocity is 1420 feet per second and muzzle energy is 537 foot-pounds. MSRP for a 20-round box is listed as $35.99. Take a closer look on the company’s website at

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