SHOT Show is Over! Here is the complete round up of posts from the show. We blogged 169 posts during the week.

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

This was definitely one of the better SHOT Shows I have been to. With demand for guns at a low (and will remain so for the next 18 months until the election cycle with all its drama takes hold), I had not expected so many new gun designs.

The TFB team, a total of 12 writers including myself and Phil, did an exceptional job of covering the show. I think it is safe to say we covered SHOT Show better than any other publication online of offline. I am very proud of our team. We blogged 169 posts over the five days of the show!

This show also saw the launch of our new YouTube Channel TFBTV. Alex and James did a great job filming at Media Day at the Range. I want to encourage y’all to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Click here to visit our channel, then click the Subscribe button (see the animation below). We will be doing weekly videos starting next week.

And here are our posts from the show …

Day 4

  1. Simple Carry Solution Using Clipdraw

  2. Rigel Products Introduces a Bore Brush for Cables

  3. RZE Unimag: One AR Mag; 5 Different Cartridges

  4. New Flambeau HD Case Line

  5. SureFire XC1 Compact Pistol Light

  6. New Sarsilmaz Shotgun Colors

  7. New Recover Pistol-Carbine and Holster

  8. PWS New Glock Slide

  9. X-Products 9mm Drum Mags

  10. Tacprogear at SHOT

  11. Pulsar Apex XD38A Thermal Scope

  12. Griffin Armament Revolution Suppressors

  13. XS Sight Systems Glass Assault Tool

  14. Christie’s Products Mag Loaders and 10/22 Customization Parts

  15. M+M Industries M10X AK

  16. ELCAN and Tenebraex optical products – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  17. Colt Producing New Model 1903 Pistols

  18. SHOT Show 2015: Les Baer’s New Products

  19. Shield CQS Relex Sight

  20. TFB TV: The New MC Operator at SHOT Range Day with James and Rob Leatham

  21. To Hell and Back — Distressing by DuraCoat

  22. Slide Lock Ambidextrous Charging Handle by Mega

  23. New Fobus IWB Holster

  24. MSBS “Radon” Rifle: US Launch & Impressions

  25. Meprolight TRU-DOT RDS

  26. Armalite AR-10 VSR

  27. Dry Film Lubricant from Sentry Solutions

  28. Rifles and Custom Trigger from RISE Armament

Day 3

  1. New ESS Reaper Woods Eyewear

  2. Crimson Trace Green Lasers For Rails, Glock 42

  3. Colt 1918 Self Loading Rifle

  4. Shot Show 2015: Strike Industries

  5. Smith & Wesson M&P 9 Performance Center Ported

  6. Blackhawk Diversion Rolling Load Out Bag

  7. Accuracy International AX50

  8. Yankee Hill Machine Sidewinder Suppressor

  9. Chiappa C6 Youth Shotgun

  10. Smith & Wesson Re-Skins the M&P and Offers Threaded Barrels

  11. SHOT Show 2015: CMMG Mk47 “Mutant” Display

  12. Minox ZP8 and ZP5 TAC Rifle Scopes

  13. Meprolight M21 Hunter

  14. Stag Arms 9T 9mm AR-15

  15. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm Tactical Scope – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  16. New MP-44 Sturmgewehr Rifles Coming to the US!

  17. Beretta ARX 160 Rimfire

  18. SHOT Show 2015: TFB TV Coverage of the XD Mod2 .45ACP with Rob Leatham

  19. P.08 Blowback from UMAREX

  20. Boyd’s Apple Jack Sporter with Custom Adjustable Buttpiece

  21. Barrett: New REC7 Flyweight & MRAD Fieldcraft

  22. SHOT Show 2015: Hazard4 Booth and New Products

  23. TriStar’s Turkish Gun Lineup

  24. Hill & Mac Gunworks’ Wireless Remote Falling Targets

  25. Armalite’s Revamped Product Line

  26. Remington R51 Pistol: Return To Production

  27. The Remington R51 Is Back – Is It Fixed?

  28. ALG Glock Optic Mount – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  29. Aimpoint T2 and ACO – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  30. TFB TV: Springfield RO Compact 1911 9mm with Rob Leatham at SHOT Show Range Day

Day 2

  1. Rifle Scopes and White Phosphor Products from Night Vision Depot

  2. Ultradot (The Best Little Red Dot You May Never Have Heard Of)

  3. Phoenix Technology’s New Kick Lite O/U Stock

  4. New GrovTec Slings

  5. Glock 19TB (Threaded Barrel)

  6. Badger Ordnance Titanium AR Lower Parts

  7. Crye Precision SIX12 Salvo’d

  8. Mission First Tactical Mags

  9. New Mec-Gar Magazines for 2015

  10. New Eley Ammunition for MSRs

  11. Hi-Lux Pentalux DMR and Long Range Tactical Scopes – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  12. Leupold LCO and D-EVO – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  13. Ruger BX Trigger for 10/22 and 22 Charger

  14. Ruger’s 22 Charger Takedown Pistol

  15. Elcan SpecterTR 1x/3x/9x Shipping Early 2015

  16. New Sierra Tipped Matchking Bullets

  17. Howa Alpine Mountain Series Rifles

  18. Kestrel Sportsman

  19. AR Weapon Retention System Rig

  20. Lightweight Rifle Barrels from Elite Warrior Armament

  21. Sarsilmaz SAR SP Skulls

  22. SHOT Show 2015: Desert Tech Booth

  23. SHOT Show 2015: Magnum Research Booth

  24. Sig Optic Tango 6 1-6x24mm – SHOT Show Optic Preview

  25. SIG Makes Statement on the BATFE Pistol Brace Controversy

  26. Polymer K31 Charger Clips

  27. Colt Canada: Requirement-Driven Rifles

  28. Gibbs Rifle Company’s .45-70 No. 4 Lee-Enfield And More

  29. New Products For 2015 From DSA: Infantry Automatic Rifle And More

  30. SIG Expands Their Traditional Line of 1911s

Day 1

  1. Tuor Multi-Axis and Ambidextrous BUIS

  2. Seek Thermal

  3. Rock Island 380 ACP

  4. UTAS UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun

  5. Slide Fire SSAR-15: OGR

  6. SilencerCo’s Omega Silencer

  7. SOG’s Newest Knives and Flashlights

  8. Kel-Tec’s New Sub2000 Ver. 2.0

  9. Kimber X Gemtech Collaboration 1911

  10. Kimber’s New Sapphire Pistols

  11. Witt Machine Cannon and Muzzle Brake

  12. Rock Island Arms .22TCM 9R Glock Conversion

  13. Adams Arms .308 Piston Driven AR10

  14. IWI Tent at SHOT Show Range Day 2015

  15. Glock MOS – Modular Optic System

  16. TFB TV: Media Day Rundown

  17. Ruger Tent at SHOT Show Range Day 2015

  18. TFB TV: Hands On the Galil Ace

  19. TFB TV: Hank Strange and KEL TEC!

  20. TFB TV: Mauser M 98 Magnum


  22. Del-Ton Sierra 3G

  23. Lonewolf Glock High Cap Mag Coupler

  24. KRG FOX-42 Precision Rifle: Magpul Massoud Revenant

  25. LPA Twin Front Sight

  26. Phalanx Smart Holsters 2015

  27. Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 Scope

  28. SHOT Show 2015: Stag Booth

  29. Side-Charging Upper from X-Products

  30. SHOT Show 2015: LMT Booth

Range Day (Day 0)

  1. SIG Sauer Announces .300 Blackout Ammunition Line

  2. Scope Review: Hi-Lux Leatherwood M40 3-9x40mm Tactical Scope

  3. Mesa Tactical Introduces AR-15-Compatible SCAR Stock Adapter

  4. New MasterPiece Arms MPA930DMG Uses Glock Mags

  5. Magpul PMAG17 GL9 Glock Mags

  6. Palmetto State Armory PA47 7.62×39 AR15 Uppers

  7. Brian Terry Foundation Charity Carbine

  8. Witt Machine Directional Muzzle Brake

  9. Newtown Firearms’ Infinitely Adjustable Gas Piston System

  10. Mounties Requested To Bring More Firepower

  11. UTM Introduces Civilian Training Conversion Kits

  12. Beretta M9A3: First Impressions from SHOT Show

  13. Ruger M77/17 Hawkeye Prototype in .17 WSM

  14. Mauser M98 Magnum First Look

  15. Radom MSBS Coming To US Market

  16. UTM Civilian Training Ammunition Hands-On, New Products

  17. COBALT KINETICS B.A.M.F. AR-15 Platform

  18. Pictures of Chris Costa in Japan

  19. Manticore Arms AK Keymod Alfa Rail

  20. UTAS 12 Ga Shotgun Suppressor

  21. VG6 Epsilon Muzzle Brake

  22. Winchester’s New .45 ACP Train & Defend Ammo

  23. SIG P-220 Elite 10MM

  24. SIG P-320 Compact In 45 ACP

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

I founded TFB in 2007 and over 10 years worked tirelessly, with the help of my team, to build it up into the largest gun blog online. I retired as Editor in Chief in 2017. During my decade at TFB I was fortunate to work with the most amazing talented writers and genuinely good people!

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  • Julio Julio on Jan 24, 2015

    Thanks for all the coverage. I hope you had time to have some fun too.

    My impression from the coverage of this year's show was that probably upwards of 80% of the new products reported on (rifles, shotguns, handguns, optics and accessories) were in the "Tactical" vein, with probably the lowest proportion I can recall of items orientated specifically towards hunters, let alone target shooters.

    Would you say this was a fair representation of the show itself, or has the tactical component been magnified through the lens of the media?

    I've nothing against things tactical per se. It may be 1% need and 99% fashion, but fashion drives development and consumption and keeps everyone's ball rolling, and that's just fine.It's just that I wonder what's being lost from view behind the rolling barrage of picatinnied, mildotted and magpulled siny-ness.

    • See 1 previous
    • Julio Julio on Jan 26, 2015

      @PointyHead0509 Agreed. Maybe what I'm talking about is "non-crossover" items: i.e. things that wouldn't have a tactical application, rather than things that wouldn't traditionally have a place in hunting or target shooting. As I indicated above, I'm delighted the whole "prac-tac" thing has given such a boost to the world of guns and shooting, I just wonder -having seen at lot of the SHOT Show coverage- if there's really very little that's new but non-prac-tac out there, or if it's just that those reporting from the show have overlooked it.

  • HKGuns HKGuns on Jan 26, 2015

    I think this site was about the ONLY site with any information from SHOT. So much so that it has been suggested this was a fairly lackluster year for SHOT. Seems not to be the case based on this post.

    I wasn't there, but there seemed to be a distinct lack of big name introductions this year.