Radom MSBS Coming To US Market

    Polish company Radom, maker of Beryl AK-type rifles, was demoing their MSBS rifle on the firing line at Industry Day. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, they were having difficulty finding ammunition that was compatible, and were not allowing folks to shoot either example.


    However, they were happy to show me the rifle, talk about its development over the past couple of years, and let me know that Radom is absolutely planning to bring the rifle to the US market. According to the representative, it did well in Polish Army trials (though Army officials let Radom know what sort of improvements they should make, setting off a whole new round of work), and the Polish Army is looking to adopt it. The representative said that first Radom is working to get the Polish Army contract, but that once testing is complete and the rifle is adopted, they will bring it to the US market.


    They also talked a bit about the design of the MSBS, and what has changed over the past two years since I saw it last at SHOT 2013. Radom has begun production of polymer lowers, which are compatible with AR-15-style pistol grips (the examples they had with them had machined aluminum lowers), and Radom has dropped development of the magnesium lower variant due to the cost of production; magnesium is highly flammable, which makes machining it very difficult. The representative said they did successfully make magnesium lowered rifles, but that their cost would have ranged between $2,000-$3,000.

    Mechanically, the MSBS is very similar to the ACR, but it has a number of features the ACR lacks. The MSBS can be converted into a bullpup, and ejection can be switched through a parts kit from right to left. According to the representative, the bullpup and conventional versions share about 80% of their parts.

    Nathaniel F

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