FN America Might Have New FN15s at SHOT

    FN Herstal was founded back in 1889 for the purpose of manufacturing 150,000 Mausers for the Belgian government, but it didn’t take long for them to broaden their firearms horizons. In 1897 they gained the assistance of renowned designer John Browning, who helped FN with several projects, most notably the Browning GP35 ‘High Power.’ And, of course, in 2013 FN won the military contract to produce the new M4s. Even though FN has manufactured many things over the years, including motorcycles, it’s their firearms that have enabled them to make their mark here in the States, and at SHOT Show 2015 they just might be set to unveil a few new guns that will hopefully make that mark deeper than ever.

    Word is there will be a trio of new guns unveiled at SHOT, including a tactical carbine, sporting rifle, and Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Keeping in mind rumors must always be taken with a grain of salt, here’s the information coming through the firearms grapevine.

    First, let’s take a look at the FN15 Tactical Carbine, which is said to be chambered in 5.56 NATO. The “could be” carbine would have a chrome-lined, hammer-forged 16” barrel with a 1:7 twist topped with an FN Three-Prong muzzle device for flash suppression and compensation. Chrome-lined barrels have improved feeding and extraction and are more resistant to wear, among other advantages. The carbine would also have a mid-length gas system and feature a Midwest Industries LWM M-LOK 12” hand guard and a Magpul MOE-SL butt stock. Standard features would include MBUS sights and a Magpul MOE pistol grip. Weight is estimated at 6.6 pounds and MSRP at $1,479.

    Next, the FN15 Sporting Rifle, which would also be chambered in 5.56 NATO. It would have a chrome-lined, match-grade 18” barrel with a 1:7 twist and a rifle-length gas system for smoother operating. In addition this rifle would have a SureFire ProComp 556 Brake, which is designed to reduce muzzle rise and recoil, and a Timney Competition Trigger. I’m a big fan of Timney triggers, and dropping one of their competition triggers into this rifle is a great idea. Other features are a Samson Manufacturing 15” Evolution rail and Magpul CTR stock. Weight is estimated at 7.7 pounds and MSRP at $1,749.

    Just like the first two rumored offerings, the FN15 Designated Marksman Rifle would be chambered in 5.56 NATO. The DMR would have the same match-grade 18” barrel the Sporting Rifle is said to have. A few things the DMR has in common with the Sporting Rifle are the SureFire Brake, MOE pistol grip, and Timney Competition Trigger. Differences include a Midwest Industries SSM M-LOK 15” Hand Guard, Magpul MBUS Pro sights, and an STR stock. Weight wasn’t given but the MSRP was said to be $1,899.

    Although we can’t know for sure until SHOT Show whether or not these rifles will appear on the market, it’s always fun to speculate about the potential 2015 offerings in the weeks leading up to the big event.

    What would you guys like to see unveiled at SHOT Show 2015?

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