Pump Action AK from Roll Call Custom Armory

    We have previously covered the pump-action AR-15 (both the Troy PAR and the novel Bentwood Gunsmithing), but this is definitely something new. Roll Call Custom Armory has produced a custom Romaninan AK-47 under-folder pump-action rifle.


    Description from Roll Call Custom Armory:

    WOW!!! Here’s an Awesome Rifle you won’t see anywhere else! Up for auction, is a (RCCA)Roll Call Custom Armory Exclusive! A Fully Modified & Customized AK-47 Romanian Par-1 Pump Action AK47!

    That’s right, High Capacity AK-47 Pump Action Rifle that has had a “Complete Make-Over”, both inside and out!

    This baby is most likely a legal hunting rifle in just about every state. Check your state laws to be sure !!

    This AK-47 Pump is like nothing that you have ever seen! Let me just mention a few of the Highlighted Features.

    True Polish Under-Folder stock with a Billet Aluminum Adjustable Cheek Rest. A Red Star Arms Adjustable Trigger. A CSS Round Sloted Forarm Rail. A Texas Weapons System Picatinny Rail with Peep Sight. A Krebs Extended Safety Lever. A Billet Aluminum Extended (Pump) Charging Handle by MGM Mfg.. A Stainless Steel Ported Shroud Muzzle Flash Suppressor. A Fiber Optic Front Sight. A (Night Vision Compatible) Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot Optic with a See-Through Cantilever Mount. The entire Rifle has been done in Armor Black & Stainless Steel Cera-Koted Finish.

    WAIT! There’s More! It also comes with a Two-Tone UPG/RWC Ergonomic Finger Grooved Pistol Grip, a Single Point Sling Swivel, a Non-Slip Pump-Slide Grip Cover, a Bolt Open Lock Safety Lever, and a U.S. Palm 30rnd. Magazine.

    This Awesome AK47 Pump Action Rifle has been tweaked, tuned, and Customized “Over-The-Top” for Roll Call and we know you will enjoy owning, shooting, and hunting with what NO One Else Has!

    So, Go ahead and try to find anything even close, Then, Check out the pics, the price, our Roll Call Feedback, and Place Your Bid with Confidence!

    The Winner of this Auction Will Also Receive The (Pictured) Super Nice Tactical Drago Double Rifle Bag as a Bonus and to Protect Your Investment!

    The weapon is currently listed on GunBroker (after at least two re-listings) for a starting price of $1,895 with a Buy it Now of $2,195. The auction also includes a double rifle bag and the Vortex optic pictured.

    Gallery Below:

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