Troy Defense "PAR" Pump Action (AR-Style) Rifle

Nathan S
by Nathan S

Squirreled away in the Troy booth at SHOTShow 2014 was the “PAR” or Pump-Action Rifle. All golf jokes aside, the PAR is a AR-style pump rifle and looks to be a real (tack)driver. Built for states and countries with restrictions on ownership, the receivers are proprietary. One will not be able to mount them to standard AR uppers and lowers. Fortunately, the PAR is compatible with AR-style magazines (Troy Industries BattleMag shown) and triggers.

The pump itself is cleverly hidden under otherwise ubiquitous rail covers. The action stroke is in similar length to 12-gauge shotguns with just enough travel to eject and load 5.56/.223 rounds. Full-length top rails compliment the Troy Alpha-style fore-end and the rifle uses Troy’s medieval brake to reduce recoil.

Troy PAR with the stock folded to the right. Note the opening in the stock to allow rounds to eject.

Since the PAR does not need a buffer tube, Troy is offering a 5-position stock adjustable for either right or left-hand folding. The design allows shells to be ejected even with the stock folded. The rifle is 25″ collapsed or 33.5″ with fully extended length-of-pull and weighs a scant 6 lbs.

Rumor mill has the rifle set for release later this year with an MSRP around $1100.

Author’s silly personal note: So long as I can shoot the rifle better than I can drive a golf ball, this will be a good PAR.

Nathan S
Nathan S

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  • Jeffrey Holmes-Hunter Jeffrey Holmes-Hunter on Sep 24, 2014

    damn that's pricy. Do you think they are going to make it as just and upper, too?

  • Gordon533 Gordon533 on Oct 01, 2014

    Being from the Great White North where all AR's are restricted & not legal to hunt with, this would be a get addition to ones stable of firearms. It would be an attention getter in the field, but would be better in a larger caliber. As to the price it is about what a good AR would cost up here, you can buy a Chinese AR for less but they are far from quality firearms. Don't get me wrong, they are serviceable firearms just not pretty.