Weekend Photo: First Gun, First AK

    Mason sent us a photo of his first gun, purchased this year. He decided to go for an AK rather than an AR-15. He writes …

    I purchased my first gun this year.

    I decided a few years back that my first rifle would be an AK platform, and the local gun store had a partially converted .223 Saiga selling for $550. I wasn’t planning on buying it this year, but the Saiga-sanction scare happened and this deal was too good for me to ignore.

    The original furniture was not to my liking so I swapped it all out. I generally tried to mimic the set-ups of modern Russian special forces and SOBR (Russian Special Rapid Response Unit).

    I took photos from each “iteration” of my Saiga with its new parts, and I included what I generally consider to be the best of those pictures. Unfortunately I only have one photo of how it looks right now, and it is not a very good photo so I must apologize.

    My current configuration for it is:

    -Zenitco PK-3 pistol grip
    -Zenitco B-10 hand guard
    -CAA Buffer tube adaptor with Magpul CTR
    -Manticore Arms Eclipse
    -SGM Magazine
    -Chaos USA dust cover rail
    -EOtech EXPS-3-2
    -Primary Arms Magnifier
    –¬†Zenitco 2-DIK flashlight replica.

    Bonus picture of my Saiga with my grandfather’s main hunting rifle, a Galil HADAR II.

    Mason's latest configuration

    Mason’s latest configuration


    With a Galil chambered in .308


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