Indexing Your Temple

    In the past month or so, there have been some bantering about the legitimacy of indexing your temple while using a pistol. Earlier we posted about one training group’s technique of indexing your cheek.

    Aaron Cowen, over at Moderno,  explains the specific use and necessity of this technique. Like most things on the internet, when taken out of context, it can cause confusion and ridicule. He makes it clear that shooting on a range to practice is just that. It is practice.

    We train on the range, we practice on the range.  We are not training to fight on the range.

    Aaron explains that the technique was called High Vertical Ready when he first learned this technique. It is used for Personal Security Detail purposes. Specifically working in and around vehicles.

    It was used to safely pivot in a seat without muzzling other passengers to engage a threat inside or outside of the cabin.  As anyone who has worked PSD knows, sometimes there are possible threats inside the vehicle with your client and everyone outside the car is a possible threat.  Being able to maneuver in a seat with weapon drawn, be it with your family, fellow officers, soldiers, detail members or general passengers is tricky business with few physical techniques.

    Aaron does mention his experience with Temple Index during a training encounter taught by a Naval Special Warfare veteran and they were using rifles.

    a method to maneuver the weapon (in this case, a rifle) through deep snow/brush and to navigate tight spaces or move quickly when running with a barrel-down would lead to a lot of barrel/leg contact.  Running with a long arm, especially as part of a team, leaves few ways to carry your rifle without muzzling others and the navigation of tight quarters or less-than-ideal terrain a problem with few solutions.

    Given the explanation and context, it does seem like this technique has validity.

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