How To Chicken Wing A Pistol

    This is certainly different. I didn’t think it was possible to “chicken wing” a pistol, but I was wrong. Masada Tactical, based out of Maryland, is teaching some form of pistol manipulation that was created by the Israelis. The basis of the pistol “chicken wing” is to index your cheeks with the top of your hands. Then while grasping the slide with your support hand; you punch out while spinning your pistol upright. According to the instructor, the modern US style of isosceles shooting is too fine motor skill based so this technique is all gross motor skill. Oh also apparently Israelis are not allowed to carry chamber loaded. On top of the odd indexing, the stance that the shooter takes seems a bit strange. It looks like he is trying to straddle a fat horse. Stick around, the end of the video is a real treat.

    Nicholas C

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