POTD: A Bittersweet Rifle

    The Bushmaster/Remington ACR is, at least in my experience, a really enjoyable rifle to shoot. But the downside, for consumers at least, is that neither Remington, who own the design, or Magpul, who designed it and who receive royalties on each ACR sold, are not developing aftermarket upgrades for it. It was supposed to be a multi-platform and multi-caliber rifle system. TFB reader Luke is still keeping the faith, but only just. He writes …

    Hey guys, long time reader and (unfortunately?) an ACR owner. If you ever want a photograph of something that’s been both a joy and an utter and complete pit of disappointment to own, well, here it is. It absolutely destroys me to think that Bushmaster/Remington has seemingly all but abandoned any support for this rifle. No caliber change kits, no replacement barrel kits, no hand guard replacements, and limited to no parts availability. Just broken promises, missed deadlines, and corporate mumbo jumbo. The aftermarket doesn’t even seem to want to touch this thing either for some reason. Hell, other owners are getting desperate enough for parts that a number of them are finding ways to modify airsoft parts for it. C’mon, Bushmaster!

    Bushmaster began selling a DMR version of the ACR earlier this year, but are not selling the DMR barrels or stocks so that existing owners can upgrade.

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