POTD: .41 GNR Revolver

    Terry sent us this nifty photo he took at a AZGO Forum shoot. The revolver being fired is chambered in the .41 GNR, a wildcat designed for hunting large game. Reloading equipment for the .41 GNR is manufactured by Reeder Custom Guns

    41 GNR#2..This is a very easy cartridge to load and is very powerful. It has the capability to take anything on the North American Continent up to bull elk and moose and has done very well in Africa and Australia. The Encore in a 8 to 10″ barrel gives optimum performance. The 210 grain Sierra bullet will easily do 2200 FPS and the 255 grain LBT will do 2200 fps also. The cartridge does very well in the stretch frame revolvers too, putting a 255 grain LBT bullet out of a 7″ barrel at almost 2000 fps.

    Thats 2265 ft lbs of energy from a 7″ barrel! This is almost twice the energy of a .223 Remington, 30% more energy than a heavy .44 Magnum load and about 25% less energy than a .308 Winchester.

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