POTD: Behind Every Blade of Grass

    This photo was taken by Wes last weekend during a range day with the Randolf Rifleman’s Union, his local pro-2A organization. The rifle is a Mossberg MVP Varmint, it features a laminated bench-style stock, fluted bull barrel and best of all, AR-15 magazine compatibility.

    The quote “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” is often attributed to Admiral Yamamoto of the Japanese Navy during WWII. This photo reminded Wes of the quote. He wrote to us …

    While I cannot speak for every blade of grass, I would dare say that the quote is probably accurate when it comes to Randolph County, North Carolina. Considering we were ranked 9th in the nation for gun ownership on a countywide basis.

    That quote has been debated among gun nuts for decades. Some argue that no quantity of civilian firearms could hold back a modern army. The question may be a moot point since the end of the Cold War, but if events this year in the Middle East and Eastern Europe are anything to go by, a determined local populace armed with small arms can cause considerable problems to conventional armies.