The Guns of Ferguson

    Whenever a conflict occurs, whether it be war, police related, or terrorism, the politics aside it is always interesting from a shooting perspective to view what the concerned parties are using. Sometimes it is extremely revealing in the case of the SAS using MP5s in the Iranian embassy hostage rescue, famously known as the International debut of the MP5. Other times pictures in media show what was previously unknown or unseen such as the AK-74s in Afghanistan written about by a Soldier of Fortune reporter who brought the then mysterious AK-74 back to the States. Other examples can be seen on this blog in the case of small arms in use in Syria. With the recent up-rest in Ferguson, the arms of the local police forces are in the media on an international basis almost daily at this point.


    This Police Officer has a 10.5 inch barrel on his M4, in addition to an Aimpoint scope and integrated rear sight. Image from BBC News


    This officer has a very well set up AR10, what appears to be a Knight’s Armament 7.62 SR25 with a 3rd party monolithic handguard and barrel, most likely free floated. Looks to be Harris bipods, Badger Ordnance charging handle,leather sling, and a U.S. Optics scope. The tripod is a Montrotto with a rifle rest clamped to the top. The canted Trijicon RMR and Inforce flashlight are rather puzzling on the other hand, devices meant for a close in fight wherein his rifle is a long range precision arm. Image from BBC News


    An interesting mix of old and new, with wooden/polymer Remington 870s on the right and 10.5 inch M4s on the left. Image from BBC News


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