Interesting High-End Steyr Sporting Rifle In Use By Syrian Rebels

    A reader sent us a link to the above photo that shows a Syrian rebel sniper using a Steyr Mannlicher Classic rifle. I am not sure what these sell for new in Europe, but in the USA they costs $2,200+. The scope is a letdown. It looks to be a cheap illuminated NcStar scope with a large 50mm objective lens, these retail for about $80.

    The photo reminded me of an article I read in a gun magazine many years ago. During the Boer Wars the Boer Army confiscated all the high-end sporting Mauser rifles from their wealthier citizens and gave them a regular issue Mauser rifle to use in its place. The high-end rifles were distributed to the army’s top shots to use as sniper rifles. I cannot remember which magazine I read this in.

    Yesterday I was sent a link showing Syrian rebels using Steyr AUG rifles. Steyr seems to have found a new niche …

    Thanks for SanJuancb for the link.

    Steve Johnson

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