Firebird Precision TAC12A1: American-made Saiga-12 Alternative

    Photos (C) Oleg Volk

    Kalashnikov manufactured Saiga 12 and VEPR shotguns will be fast running out of stock, if they haven’t already. Atlantic Arms, a well known retailer of Russian and Eastern European firearms, ran out of all Saiga 12 shotguns on 17 July (VEPR shotguns are still listed as in stock). Many shooters will be on the look out for an alternative to these Russian tactical magazine-fed auto-shotguns. One such option is the American-made (they can’t impose sanctions!) Firebird Precision TAC12A1.

    The Firebird Precision TAC12A1 is an AR-style shotgun that can use a 18 round box magazine. It is based on the Turkish MK1919 shotgun gas system and shares a number of parts with it. Oleg Volk reviews it at All Outdoor

    2, 5, and 10 round magazines are available for hunting and defense, and up to 18-round box magazines for 3-gun competition. With lower spring pressure than Saiga magazines, TAC12 mags are much easier to load. Recoil is similar to Vepr 12, which is to say, not worth noticing. The gun is optimized for lower recoil ammunition, from promotional birdshot up to regular loads, but magnum ammunition is not recommended due to increased wear on the gas piston.

    Read the full review here.

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