Fast Shooting by Instructor Zero

    We saw this guy a couple weeks ago. His latest video shows some rather impressive skills. We can debate all we want about the efficacy of his training, but you cannot deny the man has skills.

    One aspect of this video really intrigues me. 2 mins into the video, Zero draws from concealment. He calls it the Back Choke Draw method. Based on the explanation below, it seems like a sound idea. However I have never practiced drawing from concealment. Any IDPA shooters got comments?

    The back choke method is to be used when the jacket you are wearing is either padded or has a lot of volume as is the case with down filled and insulated jackets where a one-handed sweep and extraction is difficult, if not impossible to perform. The 511 Aggressor Parka is not one of these jackets. It is light weight and facilitates the single handed sweep and draw method.

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