NRA 2014: Dupleks 12-Gauge Shotgun Ammunition – Effective R.I.P.?

    Dupleks, a Latvian ammunition company was show-casing their environmentally friends (and what looks to be highly effective) steel ammunition. They have multiple options including a similar segmenting slug design to the recently reviewed G2 R.I.P.

    Up first are two all-steel slugs designed for hunting in the dense woods typical of the eastern Europe. Dupleks claims that the steel slugs penetrate and pass through intervening materials that would ricochet or deflect lead rounds.




    The Dupo is a expanding round… but let’s get to the Hexolit.  Designed along a similar vein to the maligned R.I.P. ammunition, the Hexolit is a (1.13 oz.) expanding and fragmenting steel slug. However, I would suspect the 12-gauge has more than enough energy to support the fragmenting round concept and still push the slug’s core to effective penetrating depths.




    Rounding out the slug offerings are the SuperTarget Sport, a “match” shotgun slug for competition shooting (Note, in Latvia rifles are highly regulated, shotguns are much easier to access). The Kaviar is a frangible slug designed for practice or home-defense users worried about over penetration.



    What do you think? Is this what the RIP desires to be or a failed concept?

    Nathan S

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